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Youth@Work will make it possible to deliberate on solutions to the employment crisis and lack of opportunity facing youth in the Republic of Moldova.

Youth@Work is a way to help young people in Moldova take an active role in fulfilling their potential, giving them a way to participate in shaping their community, and empowering them to change the way things are now for a better future. Unemployment among youth has many root causes and effects related to education, migration, culture, and economic policy. Across the country, young people are not adequately prepared for professional life or to take entrepreneurial risks in determining their future. Consideration of vocational pathways begins too late, after schooling ends, instead of being incorporated into the curriculum. Youth@Work will make possible for youth to discuss these issues, to give their opinions about what's missing from the system, and deliberate on the best solutions to the problem of youth unemployment in Moldova today. The UNDP and CNTM will incorporate your input into long term strategic plans in the country. Got an idea that needs funding? Promote your project within the game! The most popular proposals, supported by a majority of players, will be recognized by the organizers and awarded funding at the conclusion of the game.

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At the end of the game, the top 3 causes will get a cash prize. This is made possible by our sponsors listed below. Help affect the outcome by supporting your favorite cause with your game coins.